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Dieting shouldn’t make you hungry or starve, and reduce your appetite or deprive your body the balanced nutrients that it needs. However, to diet, there are some foods to avoid because they subconsciously adds calories and store fats in our body.


1. Fast food

In general, all fast foods have processed ingredients, which then mean empty calories. That means, for the cost of a small portion of food, it provides a lot of calories, but it does not sustain your hunger for a long period. Empty calories aren’t going to keep you full or feed your body with the necessary balanced nutrients it needs.

Fast foods are fattening as they contains an unhealthy amount of fats in just one meal. (what happens to excess fats?)


2. Pasta

Pasta is just mainly carbohydrate that feeds your body energy. But, most pasta is made of simple carbs that get processed by your body really quickly. Which then increases your blood sugars, giving you a short-term burst of energy and then drastically make you lethargic.

A good alternative would be whole wheat pasta so that you get all the nutrients without going on a sugar rush. But do watch out your portion size.


3. White bread

White bread and refined grains in general aren’t particularly nutritious. There is no nutrient in bread that you can’t get from other foods in even greater amounts.

White bread is a high glycaemic food, which means it causes a huge reaction with your blood sugar and insulin levels. When blood sugar goes up rapidly, it goes down really quickly too, causing you to get hungry again.


4. Snacks that contain only carbs

Snacks that contain only carbs are like biscuits, dry cereal or crackers. When you eat them, your body converts the carbs into simple sugars, and sends it directly into your bloodstream. Just like pasta and white bread, it sends directly into your bloodstream, giving you a sugar rush and leaving you feeling hungry still. Eating too much carbs will overload your system with energy it can’t use and the excess will be stored as fats.


5. Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks such as energy drinks, sodas (even diet sodas), fruit juices, sports drinks and artificial sweeteners are all drinks that adds up to empty calories that leads to another sugar spike.

The juices you drink from the cartons may not actually be the real fruit content. Most fruit juices contain artificial flavourings and colourings to make it look like the juice of a fruit. Not only that, it contains sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose that forms into glycogen that stores in the body that becomes an energy reserve. However, if the stored energy is not used, it becomes fats.

Fruit juices do not contain the natural fruit fibers that fill you up. Thus, just the juice is not adequate, it is just empty calories and another blood sugar spike.

Fructose, the natural fruit sugar that makes fruit and fruit juice taste sweet, tricks your body into gaining weight by blunting your body’s ability to recognize when it’s full. This makes you eat more, and increases your risk of developing insulin resistance and diabetes.


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