7Day Weight Loss Trial

Do you know anyone who is interested to lose 1-3kg in 7 DAYS, drop a dress/pant size and get toned?

I am looking for 10 serious People to use our “7-Day Trial Pack” every week at affordable rate.

What you get:

1. A Wellness Evaluation & Body Analysis

2. Nutrition & Fitness Advice

3. Free Personal Coaching on weight management

4. Home Nutrition & Meal Plan

5. Two reviews to ensure you are on track to achieving results.

6. Full support

You are going to feel energized, and you’re going to have results in just 7 days!! The

only way you won’t get results, is if you don’t follow the plan or you don’t take the first step and still hesitating!

We have over 1,500 participants taking part with us and it is just getting started! Below are some of our Participant’s Results.

Get a $228 Summer Holiday Program now and receive Free 1 month workout or 1 skin rejuvenation trial. Hurry! Offer ends 31 July 2017.

Program will be coached personally by Karen. If you have any questions, contact 98380276 Today or leave your contact with us and we will revert soon!

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