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It is perfectly normal for people to start becoming more concern about how they look as they age. However, which is the faster and healthier way to do it? Exercising or dieting?  


Many choose to focus more on working out and forgoing a healthy yet strict diet in order to lose weight. Which is very common considering that Singaporeans just love their food.


However, how much do we actually lose just by exercising alone?



It is discovered by a trio of doctors in London who proclaim that in actual fact, exercise plays a much lesser role in weight loss than healthy eating.


In the recent article posted in Straits Times dated 4 May 2015, these doctors blamed food industry for encouraging the belief that exercise could offset the impact of unhealthy eating. Dr. A. Malhotra has also concluded that up to 40 per cent of people whose weight are considered in the normal range would still have high risked metabolic abnormalities that are associated with obesity, or more commonly known as “skinny fat”.


Doesn’t mean that you’re working out often and not overweight or obese means you’re in the safe zone either. Even though you may be small in dress size and weight, who knows, you may have high fat percentage in your body.



Yet on the other end of the spectrum, just by focusing on dieting, may not be a good idea either. Although you may achieve the goal of losing weight, but your health is still at risk.


A healthy diet provides the body with a properly balanced and essential nutrition: fluid, adequate amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and adequate calories for the body needs. A healthy weight is a balance between energy consumed and energy that is burned off.


If you go only on a diet (restricting calories) in order to lose weight, you could still end up being skinny fat as you are not doing anything to ensure you keep your muscle mass or firming up what you do have. You either use it, or lose it.


Firstly, no amount of exercise can outweigh unhealthy eating. According to the Lancet medical journal’s global burden of disease study, it said that unhealthy eating was linked to more ill health than lack of exercise, alcohol and smoking combined.


Secondly, the hardest part is to maintain the shape or weight you want. With regular exercise, you’ll be able to maintain your weight better. Crash dieting without exercising often results in fast weight gain after the diet has stopped.


In all rationality, to lose weight fast, you can’t possibly just focus on one aspect of dieting or exercising. As much as the truth (or actually facts) hurt, you need both good nutrition and exercise to lose weight faster and maintain it.


Just remember this, living the best and healthiest lifestyle is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise and 100% mindset in the long-term.

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