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Ever had such moments of “Please take me away from here” eg when your clients or boss gets unreasonable, stuck in long traffic, nursing sick children, laundry or schoolwork piling up? After a stressful day, the best remedy is often having ME Time, time spent alone to unwind and de-stress and just pampering and renewing yourself. It works wonder for your body and soul.

It does not have to involve spending loads on spa packages or beauty salons. You can simply recharge yourself without ever leaving the home by taking a few simple steps.


Take a relaxing long bath or shower
Light a few candles, put on some soothing music, add a splash of your favorite bath product if you have a long bath or just have a good lather of your favorite shower gel all over your body and just let the warm water wash away your troubles. There’s nothing like a good, warm soak to relieve muscle tension, open up your pores and clear your cluttered mind.


Scrub away all your problems.
Use a great smelling scrub to exfoliate your dead skin cells not only on the face but also your neck, shoulder, arms and thighs. Feel how soft and silky your skin is after a good scrub. That experience will help you to forget all your problems at least for a while.


Apply a facial mask.
A good facial mask doesn’t have to be done at the spa. You can experience that same, high-quality experience at home. Choose a facial mask that has a refreshing scent, like rosemary or mint. Apply it to your face, turn on some soft music, lie down on the bed and just chill to allow the mask to dry. The pampering experience is totally uplifting. Masks containing bentonite clay possess amazing skin toning and absorbing properties. Rinse off the clay mask and you will be amazed how soft and firm your face look and feel.


Moisturize all over
Spread lavishly a hydrating moisturizer immediately after a good scrub and facial mask. Apply when your skin is still damp to really seal in that much needed moisture. Massage lightly and don’t forget your toes, feet, legs and arms. Your skin will feel silky and soft and you will look and feel younger as a result. A great way to smooth away the stresses of the day.


Find time for ME Time to renew yourself. You deserve it! Do what makes you relaxed and happy, be it the above steps or a brisk walk, flipping through your favourite magazine or reading that book you’ve been putting off. Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to pamper yourself when you need it. A renewed you will certainly be good for you and everyone around you. For more information on Home Spa, contact me, Karen at +65 9838 0276.