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Char kway teow, carrot cake, nasi lemak, prata, hokkien mee….


These are just a few of the sinful pleasures we have as local foods. As much as they contain a lot of oil and lard added into these foods, guess what? You can finally enjoy them without feeling so guilty!


But not all things are too good to be true, you have to abide to these conditions in order to get your scrumptious meal:


1. Have some portion control

Drink some water (400-500ml) or eat some fruits half an hour before a meal. Simple, but effective, having a glass of water or some fruits help dampen your appetite. It stops you from eating more than you should and it is the best way to optimise absorption of micronutrients from fruits.


2. Take more vegetables with your food

Not only does vegetables fill you up faster due to the fibre, but the fibre also helps absorb the fat. Fibre slows down the fat absorption from the food you eat, which cause your body to absorb less calories.


Not to mention, fibre eases digestion and your motion to rid of the oily yet delicious food you have in your body.


3. Enjoy your food without any distraction

Make sure to turn off or put your phone to silent, tv or any other distractions to fully focus on eating.


Eating while watching tv or any other form of distraction can prompt you to eat more. As it takes 20 minutes or so before the brain sends messages that “I’m full” or “I’m not hungry anymore” signals to turn off your appetite. When you’re distracted, it’s easy to take in many more calories than you need in just 20 minutes.


By focusing on eating, you’re mindful and well aware of what’s going into your mouth and it is stored in your memory bank. Ensuring yourself (your brain actually) that “yes, I’ve eaten and I’m full”. You will be satisfied with just one serving and not go for seconds, or thirds.


4. Make a deal w yourself that you will burn off those extra calories / fats through exercise

As mentioned in my previous post on “Diet or exercise? Which makes you lose weight faster” (make it a click function), you can’t escape unhealthy eating by doing some form of exercise. So understand the calories and composition of your favourite food and the amount of exercise in terms of type and time needed to burn off the calories.


Walk, swim, jog, run whenever possible. Dancing or yoga even as they burn up lots of calories! Find something enjoyable calorie burning activities and play around with different activities to make exercising more enjoyable for yourself.


These are some tips for enjoying your favourite local food without any guilt but always remember that a healthy lifestyle consist of 80% nutrition, 20% exercise and 100% mindset in the long-term. For more information on how you can eat these local foods without gaining weight and waistline, contact me at +65 9838 0276.