Karen Leong, a business graduate from National University of Singapore, is a weight loss specialist and a respected health and wellness coach. Highly regarded for her transformational and results-oriented programs, Karen has helped many clients from teens to 60s to improve their image quotient, and self-confidence in the way they look and feel about themselves and to live a healthy active lifestyle.


Karen is a certified MWS Wellness Coach, a certified Super Body Super Brain Trainer and a Fitclub Singapore Coach. For the past 2 years, she has produced more than 25 1st ,2nd & 3rd prize winners in MWS Weight Loss Contests – they lost an average of 7-11kg, shaped up 2 dress/pant sizes down and shed 20-30% body/visceral fat in one month.


Similar to many, Karen has had to battle with health, weight and self-esteem problems in her life. Having worked for more than 25 years in stressful senior marketing positions in MNC fast-moving consumer products companies, advertising agency and MNC industrial products company, she suffered daily sinus, frequent migraine, gastric problem and severe back problem which prevented her from exercising. She became overweight, tired all the time and fell sick easily. As a result, she felt old and had low confidence in the way she look and feel about herself.


The turning point in her life came when her mother, a long time stroke patient, passed away. Watching her mother suffered and becoming more a like vegetable day after day, was a wakeup call for Karen. She decided to take steps to transform herself into a healthier, fitter and “younger” person. Feeding herself with good nutrition and changing her dietary and lifestyle habits, she lost 8kg and dropped 2 dress sizes down from a L to a S and shed 40% of her visceral fat in a few months. Her health problems have greatly improved and best of all, her body age is now 12 years younger than her actual age and maintain this good health for last 6.5 years. She is now coaching and inspiring others to be a healthier and fitter version of themselves.


Besides being a Specialist in weight management (weight loss, gain muscle, reduce body fats, cellulite and water retention), Karen also provides consultation in anti-aging, heart health care, digestive system care and skin improvement & skincare (skin analysis, solutions for dark circles & acne skin, etc).


Making a positive difference to many of her clients, some have since gone on to become wellness coaches and Fit Club coaches through her mentoring and systematised training programs.


Her dedication, patience, quality service and always having her clients’ interests at heart, have made her a respected and trusted health & wellness coach who delivers results.

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