This is a one-month weight loss program to help people who are serious to shed off their excess weight. This program is now into over Round 148 with Top 5 best contestants being rewarded with $50 to $1000 each round.

Coach Karen has produced numerous 1st ,2nd & 3rd prize winners in MWS Weight Loss Contests – they lost an average each of 6-11kg, shape up 1-2 dress/pant sizes down and shed 20-30% body/visceral fat in one month.

Both contest winners and contestants from teens to 60s, are not only transformed in the way they look & feel about themselves, they have also become more self-confident in their weight management going forward. They have succeeded to be a healthier and fitter version of themselves and inspiring their loved ones to do the same.

Program will be coached personally by Karen. If you have any questions, contact 98380276 Today or leave your contact with us and we will revert soon!

1st Prize Winners

2nd Prize Winners

Other Prize Winners


Rd 148 Doris YLW2

Doris, 54 year old Pastry Chef

“In Round 148, I lost 9.4 kg and dropped 2 dress sizes down despite running a large pastry kichen in December. I feel more energetic and happy I can fit into my nicer old clothes. I have tried other methods of losing weight but not successful. Thanks to my coach Karen for her guidance and cheering me on. Looking forward to spending my prize money $1,000 and my free vacation to Korea with my friend.”


Alice, Business Owner

“I just want to lose weight and I was surprised I won 1st prize $1,000 and a Maldives vacation. I don’t have time to exercise due to my busy work schedule and attending to my ailing father. So am happy that I lost 8.5kg and dropped 2 dress sizes in one month. Thanks to Karen my coach for her patience and effective guidance.”



Vicki, 14 year old Student

“I am so happy I won 2nd prize $500 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 by just losing weight. I lost 9.3kg and shed 20cm off my waist & belly. I feel good about how I look now.

I am amazed that losing weight through Karen’s coaching program is easy and effective. And I don’t have to exercise too much. I would like to thank Karen, my Coach for her patience and dedication in coaching me to achieve my desired results. “


R137 Emily YLW wwlct

Emily, Administration Manager

“I have to travel up and down Singapore & JB everyday for my business. Losing weight has always been a challenge. I joined the contest for fun and happy that I can lose 7kg and dropped 1-2 dress sizes down. I also feel healthier – my visceral fat went down by 25%. Thanks my coach Karen for her guidance.”


R128 May YLW wwlc

May, Manager

“I am amazed I lost 8.4kg, and dropped 2 dress sizes down and 40% off my visceral fat – all these in just one month.

I feel more energetic and excited that I can wear slimmer clothes. I have tried other methods of losing weight but can’t sustain it. With Karen’s  personalised coaching, I not only lose weight and get healthier, I am also able to maintain my weight loss.



Ai Tin, 54 year old Homemaker

“I joined the contest for fun. I lost 5kg which is 9% of my weight and 17cm off my waist and belly. I am amazed that I can still lose weight and shape up at my age and win 6th prize in Round 137. Thank you to Karen, my coach”