Weight Loss Programs


7Day Weight Loss Trial

Do you know anyone who is interested to lose 1-3kg in 7 DAYS, drop a dress/pant size and get toned?

I am looking for 10 serious People to use our “7-Day Trial Pack” every week at affordable rate.


Weight Loss Contest

This is a one-month weight loss program to help people who are serious to shed off their excess weight. This program is now into over Round 130+ with Top 5 best contestants being rewarded with $50 to $1000 each round. In the last 2 years, Coach Karen has produced more than 25 1st ,2nd & 3rd prize winners in MWS Weight Loss Contests – they lost an average each of 6-11kg, shape up 1-2 dress/pant sizes down and shed 20-30% body/visceral fat in one month.