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Just the thought of dieting makes you cringe – “It’s so difficult”, you say. When you actually choose a diet plan to work on, you don’t see results at all and it can be really frustrating and demoralising. Worse thing is, you don’t know why it fail at losing weight!

Well, listed below maybe some of the reasons to why and what may have gone wrong.


Skip meals in order to lose weight faster

Many people choose to skip meals to lose weight faster as it seems logical. Eating lesser, lose weight faster. But NO, this does not do good to your body.

You may have possibly lost weight by skipping meals, that’s because you’re starving yourself and making your body burn the muscles that you have in your body. It does not burn the fats in your body, it remains. But your muscles are shredding and you’re losing water in your body.

Doing just that may often result to gastric or stomach discomforts that goes on till you start feeding yourself properly again. When you do start feeding yourself again, your weight bounces back to its original weight easily, making it ineffective.


Taking of diet pills

No good things come in an easy option, and that is diet pills. You may have heard of multiple testimonies about good results and so on, but is it really good for your body?

Diet pills causes your body to lose appetite, starving what your body needs of macronutrients for the body to function. Due to that, you’d often feel dizzy and nauseous, resulting in heart palpitation and insomnia. In the long run, diet pills has an impact to your physical, psychological and social well-being.

Although results of weight loss are shown in the beginning, your usual body weight will bounce back when pills are not taken anymore, resulting in excess expenditure (as they can be pricey) and develop even more health risks. It is only a vicious cycle.


Eats only fruits and vegetables

Although fruits and vegetables are very healthy and good for the body. Just the consumption of these foods, is not good enough.

Just the consumption of fruits and vegetables is just fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. Because it lacks the macronutrients the body needs to function properly, the body slowly breaks down and tires easily. Which then leads to the body becoming stressed and causes cravings because the body has been consuming the same type of food every day.

This diet is attainable but not sustainable. It is not to be implemented for a long period of time as the body needs a certain amount of individual macronutrients to function. A fruit and vegetable diet only makes you give up faster and your body weaker.

Going on the wrong diets are just going to harm your body and move you further and further away from reaching your goal of losing weight. To find out how you can lose weight without too much sacrifice on the foods and lifestyle you love, contact me, Karen at +65 9838 0276.